Are you building or renovating and need advice regarding your water supply and sewerage services? Find out more in these pages.

Everything you need to know about starting a development and connecting to our water supply and sewerage infrastructure.
Fast track your application process
We know that time is critical in the development industry, so we’ve introduced a service to fast track your application through the approval process.
Infrastructure plans
Information about standard, detailed and customised plans.
Private Works
Private works are any connections, disconnections, or construction work associated that requires a quote for works.
Building over infrastructure and easements
Information for people wanting to build over or near to water supply, sewerage infrastructure and easements.
Backflow prevention
Backflow prevention is managed by your local Council.
Property sales
Buying or selling a property? Here are the tools and information you and your conveyancing solicitor may need.
Forms & fact sheets
Download all your forms and factsheets here.
Netserv Plan
The Netserv Plan describes the infrastructure and business approach we currently have to provide safe, reliable and secure water supply and sewerage services and our growth and investment strategy to meet our customer’s needs for the next 30 years.
Go Paperless
Lodgement of development applications with Unitywater Development Services will be paperless from July 2017.
    Saving Tips
  • Gardening Tip #3

    Choose a drought-tolerant lawn species and leave your lawn 2.5cm high or longer to reduce evaporation and remember brown grass is often still alive and will regenerate with rain.