Property sales

You are now able to update your address details or apply for a search certificate easily by logging into My Account.

In the future, property sales activities will only be available through My Account. In the interim, if you are buying or selling a property, here are the tools and information you and your conveyancing solicitor need to make sure your property’s settlement and change of ownership is a smooth as possible.

Basic information for buyers and sellers
Find out what happens with water and sewerage charges when you buy or sell a property...
Moving or changing address
Use this handy online form to submit your change of address details, or call us if you prefer.
Apply for a Unitywater Search Certificate
How to apply and use a Search Certificate and Special Meter Reading
Settlement Payment Calculator
Use this calculator for your settlement and interest payment.
Unitywater fees and charges
View our current fees and charges.
    Saving Tips
  • Pool Tip #2

    If you are buying a pool cover, ensure that it allows rainwater to freely enter the pool.