Private Works

Private works are any connections, disconnections, or construction work associated with Unitywater infrastructure that requires a quote for works which are to be completed by Unitywater.

This includes:

  • Connection of new subdivisions and other developments to Unitywater’s existing infrastructure;
  • Fire Service connections and large metered water connections (>25mm) for commercial, industrial and residential developments;
  • Modification of existing Unitywater infrastructure to accommodate road works;
  • Development and installation of other services;
  • Minor modification of Unitywater infrastructure (subject to approval) to accommodate property owner requirements (for example raising or lowering of a manhole lid).

To apply for any of these service you will firstly need to obtain approval by lodging an application with Development Services.

After approval for works is received you can submit a water supply and sewerage services private works application (PDF) to obtain a quote.

Private Works Process and Timeframes

To maintain a quality and efficient service to our customers, we adhere to strict timeframes for assessing, planning and actioning Private Works applications.

We will respond to Private Works Applications with a written quote within 15 working days. If you decide to proceed, you simply pay the fee advised in the quote.

Once we have received your signed application and payment, we will schedule works as soon as possible. Standard timeframes for commencement of works are up to 20 working days or as specified on the quote letter.

To assist your planning, please allow these timeframes for your Private Works:

Application Requirements and timeframes
Apply for Connection, Alteration or Disconnection Visit development applications for everything you need to know about the process of connecting to Unitywater’s water supply and sewerage infrastructure, infrastructure requirements and the costs involved.
 Quote  Requirements and timeframes
Quote assessment

Allow 15 working days.

  • Drawings approved by Unitywater’s Development Services team;
  • Hydraulic Plan approved by Council’s Plumbing Services; and
  • Clear scope of works.

Any incomplete applications will be put on hold until we receive this approved information.
Unitywater private works quotes are valid for 90 days.


If the scope of your application constantly changes, the application will be put on hold or a
new, separate application will be requested.

Construction Requirements and timeframes
Confirmation that site is cleared and ready for construction

Allow 20 working days for construction after:

  • payment is made; AND
  • Unitywater’s Development Services give approval for construction.
Unitywater water/ sewerage network shutdown planning approval

Allow 5 – 10 working days.
(This is included in the above 20 working days.)

Specialist fittings with a long lead time as per applicant’s design may delay construction

Special fittings cannot be ordered until payment is made.
Delivery timeframes to be advised once confirmed by fitting supplier.

Statutory approvals (eg. DTMR road reserve approvals)

It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain all necessary approvals prior to works being scheduled by Unitywater.

Wet weather delays  If conditions are deemed unsafe, works will be postponed and rescheduled as necessary.





Private Works timeframes are also outlined in the Private Works Application Factsheet (PDF).

Standard and temporary connections and disconnections

Please see:


For more information contact us.

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