Community Engagement

Unitywater is committed to working closely with our communities, stakeholders and customers to share ideas, gather feedback and explore opportunities on a diverse range of sewerage and water issues.

Our engagement activities continue to broaden and grow as we connect with our residential and business customers, key industry groups and our communities on a variety of projects, programs and business improvements. These important interactions help us in not only understanding issues but also in making well-informed decisions.


We regularly bring together a number of focus and interest groups to provide input and feedback on Unitywater activities. From customer-journey mapping and online service projects to graffiti-prevention programs and major infrastructure projects, we are keen for our customers and communities to have a voice.


We continue to have customers at the heart of our organisation and value their feedback and views.



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    Did You Know
  • Installing a water efficient 4 star rated showerhead will reduce the flow from 20 litres per minute to 9 litres per minute.