Water pressure

We operate and maintain our network to ensure water is delivered in accordance with our customer charter.

Water Pressure and Leakage Management Project

Unitywater is proactively managing excessive water pressure across the region, to deliver financial savings for customers and benefits for our environment at the same time. The project will help to reduce leaks and prevent bursts, conserving water and securing an uninterrupted water supply.

Water Pressure and Leakage Management Project Fact Sheet (PDF)

Low water pressure

We aim to provide residents with a minimum pressure of 210 kPa (21 metres), measured at the water meter. Pressure is impacted by demand and is usually lower during the morning and evening peak demand periods.
Consistent low water pressure could be caused by obstruction in internal pipe work or a blockage in the water meter.

Whilst a pressure gauge is required to accurately measure water pressure, you can do a simple bucket test to get an indication of possible low water pressure. This involves:

  • finding the tap nearest to your water meter (this is usually the front outdoor tap)
  • turning the tap on full and recording the time it takes to fill a 9-litre bucket
  • if this takes significantly more 30 seconds, you may have low water pressure

If you suspect that you do have low water pressure, please contact us.

High water pressure

High water pressures lead to wasted water. Small, unseen leaks running over a long time can allow large volumes of water to escape, and pipes are more prone to bursting. A burst in a high pressure system wastes more water than a similar burst in a low pressure system. We also limit the mains pressure to a maximum of 800 kPa (80 metres) to minimise impacts on internal plumbing, such as triggering hot water system pressure relief valves.

If you think you have higher than normal water pressure, check and follow the instructions on your hot water system first. If this doesn't fix this problem, please contact us.

Pressure and flow data request

Unitywater have hydraulic models that can calculate expected pressures and flows within our water supply mains. To request this information for the node nearest your property, complete an Application for Hydraulic Model Pressure and Flow Information (PDF) form and submit to Unitywater using the contact details on the form. There is a fee for this service.




    Saving Tips
  • Bathroom Tip #3

    About half the water used in homes is used in the bathroom. A water-efficient shower head could save up to 11 litres of water every minute.