Kallangur Water Tower


Kallangur Water Tower Artwork Project


This iconic water tower is getting an artistic makeover!

The Kallangur water tower standing tall on Anzac Avenue will soon be transformed with a large-scale public artwork to reflect the local community, enhance the tower's appearance and deter future graffiti. 


Latest update - Artwork design survey results are in!

Residents of Kallangur and Petrie recently provided input into the artwork's theme, content and style through a design survey.

The results from the survey will be used to guide three artwork concepts.


Design survey results

Style: Realistic

Impact: An artwork that attracts attention

Themes: Wildlife, trees and nature

             A reflection of the area's past, present and future

             Anzac memorial

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Next steps

Now to April 2017 - Design Development

Unitywater's appointed artists from Jugglers' Art Space Inc will develop three concepts based on results from the community survey.  A Design Reference Panel consisting of representation from Unitywater and Moreton Bay Regional Council will work closely with the artists to ensure the three designs are in keeping with the community's wishes and regional context.

May 2017 - Community vote

Designs will be released in early May 2017 for a community vote.  All residents and business operators of Kallangur and Petrie will be invited to vote for their favourite design, and the design with the most votes will be painted.

June 2017 - Installation


Who will design and install the artwork?

Three professional public artists from Jugglers' Art Space Inc have been appointed to design and install the artwork.  The artists, Jordan Bruce, Joel Fergie and Travis Vinson are skilled in the design and installation of large scale public artworks.  In addition, Jugglers Arts Space will also undertake a comprehensive youth engagement program to educate and mentor local youths during the installation process.



How can an artwork deter graffiti?

Utilities and councils throughout Australia and overseas install public artworks as a graffiti prevention strategy on the basis that graffiti offenders are less likely to tag or deface an artwork, particularly when they have been involved in its creation. Our reservoir artworks are designed and installed by not for profit agencies that specialise in creating painted works of art with well-known street artists.  The installation process includes a mentoring program with local kids that aims to providing them with inspiration to further their skills in a positive way and educate them on the negative impact of graffiti. As a result, the artworks often gain wider respect amongst the graffiti community and are less likely to be tagged again.

How will the design be developed?

Residents and business operators of Petrie and Kallangur are able to provide input into what kind of design they would prefer to see on the tower through a community survey.  The survey aims to capture a reflection of the local identity and what kinds of themes, styles and artwork they would like to see in the design. This information will help to guide the design brief.  Unitywater will collaborate with Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Public Art team to commission three artwork concepts to meet the design brief and the community will be invited to vote for the final artwork.

What will the artwork look like?

The style, look and content of the artwork will be determined by the community! For example, the artwork could be modern or traditional, photo-realistic or abstract, full coverage or minimal. The Design Panel will ensure all concepts meet the region’s design principles, are in keeping with the community’s wishes and enhance the surrounding landscape.

Who will design and install the artwork?

Unitywater engages specialised not-for-profit public art agencies to design and install our artworks.  These agencies are not only skilled in designing and installing large scale public artworks, they also develop and implement community engagement programs to mentor local youth during each project. 

Art agencies are appointed through the project tender process.  If you would like to find out more information about future artworks and project specifications, please email community@unitywater.com  

How will the final design concept be chosen?

The final artwork will be selected through a community voting process in April 2017. The most popular artwork will be painted on the reservoir.

When will the final design be announced and installed?

Artwork will be announced in May 2017. Installation will commence later that month, weather permitting.

    Saving Tips
  • Pool Tip #5

    If your pool is heated, reduce the temperature if possible, particularly when the pool is not in use.  This will reduce evaporation and save energy.

    ·         If your pool is heated, reduce the temperature if possible, particularly when the pool is not in use.  This will reduce evaporation and save energy.