Temporary disconnection

To turn off your water supply temporarily, we recommend you apply to install a lockable ball valve on your meter. This enables you to turn the water supply on or off when it suits you. Read more about locking your meter.

Permanent disconnection

If you would like to permanently disconnect the potable or recycled water meter on your property, simply complete the application form below and submit it along with your fee payment.

Standard connection: Standard Connection Request Form (F9255) (PDF) (Please complete this form and select "disconnection" on page 2.)                                                                                  

To disconnect a water service greater than 25mm, you will need to submit an Water and Sewerage Supply Services - Private Works Application (F8574) (PDF).

You will still see the water infrastructure charge on your account even after disconnection of the water meter. This is because your property still has access to the town water supply infrastructure even though you are not currently using it.

Please be aware that in order to reconnect the water supply, you will need to go through the normal application process for new connections and pay the connection fee.

    Did You Know
  • A garden hose can use 15 litres of water per minute. That's 150 litres of water in just 10 minutes!