Development Incentives Policy

Unitywater, Sunshine Coast Regional Council and Moreton Bay Regional Council have commenced policies to provide incentives for development in target areas where existing infrastructure has capacity to serve higher density development.

Unitywater has adopted its development incentives policy to increase the number of connections in areas where Unitywater’s networks have capacity to serve an increased number of connections without additional capital expenditure and consequently reduce the cost of water supply and sewerage services to our customers by spreading the cost of owning and operating the existing infrastructure across a larger number of connections.

Specifically, Unitywater is willing to reduce infrastructure charges on a sliding scale from 50% to 100% reduction depending upon the density of development approved by the relevant Council and on the development proceeding as approved.

Unitywater is willing to approve reductions in infrastructure charges on a ‘first in, first served’ basis over the next two years up to a maximum total value of $20M ($10M in each local government area) in reduced infrastructure charges. The Development Incentives Policy only applies in the following development incentives areas:

To make an application for reduced infrastructure charges under Unitywater’s Development Incentives Policy please forward your written request to

For more information click here to open Unitywater’s Development Incentives Policy or send your enquiry to

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